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Pupuseria Las Cabanas

was established by

Angela Leiva in 2004

Angela came to the United States as an immigrant from El Salvador to pursue the American dream and in hopes of starting her own business.

She always dreamt of opening a restaurant to bring an authentic style flavor of El Salvador to the Bay Area. Angela’s number one priority was that every plate served was made with lots of love and with quality ingredients. 

No matter how busy the restaurant was, hospitality was of the up most priority. Angela made sure to greet every customer walking through the door with a smile and a “good morning come on in” or “good afternoon, how are you?”

Being one of the longest running authentic Salvadorian restaurant in the area, has turned Pupuseria Las Cabañas into a Hayward staple. Unfortunately, on Nov 28, 2020.

Angela passed away at 61 years of age due to long time health conditions.
Pupuseria Las Cabanas is still family run and although she is no longer here in the physical form her dream is kept alive with every pupusa served!

Legacy of Flavor:

Family pupuseria las cabañas

The culinary legacy of Angela Leiva endures in every pupusa we serve. Infused with dedication and passion, her children continue her work, offering not only the authentic Salvadoran culinary experience but also introducing innovative twists and delightful new flavors. Each bite serves as a connection to the tradition and love Angela embedded in every recipe, creating a space where flavors transcend generations.

Community Impact

pupuseria las cabañas

The team at Pupusería Las Cabañas is pleased to share the results of our recent event in collaboration with the Ayúdame a Vivir Foundation in El Salvador.

With the goal of raising $10,000, we are excited to report that, thanks to the incredible participation and support of our beloved community, we reached the target! This wouldn't have been possible without each one of you. Your generosity and genuine support have made a difference. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being part of something so meaningful and special!

goal recaudacion de fondos


si yo puedo tú puedes

This is the inspiring story of Ángela Leiva, the founder of Pupusería Las Cabañas. Her book, available on Amazon, is a powerful message that illuminates hope in challenging times.

As you delve into these pages, you will discover a narrative that goes beyond words, offering you inspiration, perspective, and reminding you of the importance of perseverance even in the darkest moments.

Ángela Leiva not only shares her story but also valuable lessons about appreciating life and finding light in adversity. This book is a treasure of hope, and by sharing it, we extend its transformative power to those who may need it.

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